Today I worked serving food to people who were homeless, couldn’t afford food, the elderly, people who were out of town, basically anyone who had no where to go for thanksgiving. The Lord blessed me with serving a family with three little kids and very grateful parents. There’s no better feeling than seeing a smiling mom with a full family. It was wonderful getting to see all the people just being served and those who were serving being so fulfilled. But the thing that caught my eye most of all was one man. He was dressed in his army uniform carrying plates filled with food and picking up trash wherever it was needed. It practically brought me to tears to be honest. Here’s a man who serves non stop, away from everything he knows and loves, and on his break, chooses to serve those less fortunate than he is. It was extremely moving and I wish I could have gotten a picture because it really makes me thankful, and realize that there is always something more to do, always time for getting out of our own comfort zones or away from our wants and needs to serve. How wonderful to see someone be so honorable and humble. So thankful for him and for my family and friends today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on 24 November 2011